Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Mozilla working on a mobile phone version of Firefox

After making a revolution in the desktop web browser market, Mozilla have now announced their plans to step into the mobile space with a new version of Firefox for mobile devices. They’ve already hired two high-profile mobile developers for this project. And the first, basic release is expected to come as early as 2008.

For Mozilla, this isn’t the first venture into the mobile browser space. They have already released a mobile browser called Minimo. Unlike most other mobile browsers, Minimo offers full AJAX supports, RSS feeds, addons and is probably the only tabbed browsing solution for PocketPC . Mozilla has also developed a mobile browser for Nokia’s N800/N770 mobile internet device.

The sweetest part of Mobile Firefoc would be its support for extension. Third party services and other additional features can be easily integrated with ease. Think of it something like using Greasemonkey or Adblock Plus on your mobile phone.

Full browsing experience is the greatest demand in the mobile community. One factor, which probably made Apple’s iPhone a huge hit, was the fullscreen browsing support. Web pages on iPhone are rendered, as they appear on your computer, but the same feature isn’t available on other mobile devices. So, if Mozilla’s upcoming mobile browser will be able to put the same functionality on other high-end devices like N95, it could quickly become a huge hit as well.

It is unclear whether Mozilla picks Windows Mobile or Symbian as their target platform. Currently, the Symbian browser market is largely monopolized by Opera and Opera mini.

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