Friday, 07 September 2007

How to open accidentaly closed tabs in Firefox

An annoying problem with Firefox's tabbed user interface is the accidental closing of tabs. This happens mostly when users switch between tabs, mistakenly clicking the little close button in the tabs top right corner.

Luckily Firefox has a nice feature which provides a simple solution to this problem. You can re-pen recently closed tabs by clicking History-> Recently Closed Tabs

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2 Responses to “How to open accidentaly closed tabs in Firefox”

sylv3rblade said...
07 September 2007 at 23:40

you can also use the tabmix plus plugin. It gives you a lot of options to manage your tabs

spanish joe said...
12 September 2007 at 05:15

How intuitive. Now if only they just made it so that CTRL-Z could undo stuff like that, that would be even cooler.

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