Sunday, 09 September 2007

How to stop Windows from asking you to restart after an update

After successfully updating Windows, the operating system will almost always require a restart. This required restart is presented to you in the form of a dialog box that has no close button! This can be extremely annoying especially if you plan to restart at a later time

Luckily with a simple command we can disable this dialog box. Here's how:

- Click -> Run (This opens the Run dialog box)
- Type cmd and press Enter (This brings up the Command Prompt window)
- Type the command sc stop wuauserv

This command stops the service responsible for the popup that asks if you want to restart now or later.

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ONwebCHECK said...
16 September 2007 at 21:10

I prefer it to delet it from the harddisk :-) That is for 100%

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