Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The complete list of Yahoo keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are always very nice to know as they as they increase your productivity. and reduce the time you spend moving the mouse pointer around doing mundane things. Below a list list of keyboard shortcuts for Yahoo! mail:

  • Check Mail - m
  • Check All Mail - Shift+m
  • Close Current Tab - Ctrl+\
  • New Message - n
  • New Message in its own window - Shift+n
  • Reply - r
  • Reply in a new window - Shift+r
  • Reply All - a
  • Reply All in a new window - Shift+a
  • Forward message - f
  • Forward in a new window - Shift+f
  • Mark As Read - k
  • Mark As Unread - Shift+k
  • Flag - l
  • Clear Flag - Shift+l
  • Delete Item - Delete” key
  • Print - Ctrl+p – or just p
  • Save Draft - Ctrl+s
  • Send Message - Ctrl+Enter (Alt+s also supported)
  • Turn Reading Pane on and off - v
  • Navigate through tabs—right to left motion - Ctrl+[
  • Navigate through tabs—left to right motion - Ctrl+]
  • Open message in its own tab - Enter
  • Edit contact info - Enter
  • Find a word or phrase in a message - Ctrl+f
  • Expand window to maximum height - F11
  • Skip to oldest unread message - Ctrl+Shift+End
  • Move message to a folder - d
  • Close read-message tab - Esc
  • Start a new chat - Ctrl+Shift+c or c

If you know of any more, feel free to post them via comments.

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