Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Download Firefox 3 Beta 1 NOW!

After a fair bit of waiting, Firefox 3 Beta 1 is now available for download from the official Mozilla website. This eagerly awaited version brings with it bug fixes, code changes, new features and an improved browsing experience.

New features outlined below:

* Improved security features: better presentation of website identity and security, malware protection, stricter SSL error pages, anti-virus integration in the download manager, and version checking for insecure plugins.

* Improved ease of use: better password management, easier add-on installation, new download manager with resumable downloading, full page zoom, animated tab strip, and better integration with Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

* Richer personalization: one-click bookmarking, smart search bookmark folders, direct typing in location bar searches your history and bookmarks for URLs and page titles, ability to register web applications as protocol handlers, and better customization of download actions for file types.

* Improved platform features: new graphics and font rendering architecture, major changes to the HTML rendering engine to provide better CSS, float-, and table layout support, native web page form controls, colour profile management, and offline application support.

* Performance improvements: better data reliability for user profiles, architectural improvements to speed up page rendering, over 300 memory leak fixes, and a new XPCOM cycle collector to reduce entire classes of leaks.

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is available for download in 20 different languages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Get it here

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