Monday, 30 November 2009

Torrent alternatives to Mininova

Popular torrent tracker website Mininova was recently forced to shut its core operations. Here are some alternatives
Mininova recently announced that it has removed all torrent files from its servers that point to copyrighted works to comply with a court ruling, a move that renders it useless as an aid to digital piracy. Mininova was one of the most popular torrent tracking websites with 175 million visits and close to a billion page views over the last month.
The Mininova ‘torrent closure’ has left a void in the market, but it is likely to be replaced by one or a combination of competing websites. Torrentfreak has recently released a list of websites which may be used to substitute Mininova.
“Thankfully, there are still plenty of alternatives for those BitTorrent users who are looking for the latest Ubuntu, OpenSUSE or Fedora release. Below we provide a random list of public torrent sites that are still open, but there are of course hundreds more sites we could have included,” the Torrentfreak website states.

The Pirate Bay


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