Monday, 25 June 2007

How to Increase your blog's traffic by commenting

Millions of blogs today are faced with the same basic problem- How to increase traffic!

One of the most simple yet effective ways of doing so is by commenting! Now I'm not talking about comment spam where you simply paste the URL of your blog and leave. Hit-and-run tactics like that will only ensure that your 'comments' never get approved which means they will never appear on the site in which you posted them. More than that though, both you and your blog will come to be alienated by the blogosphere in general.

Rather, stick to these basics:

>> Your comments should be pertinent to the article.

>> You are entitled to your own opinion, but your comments should not contain any profanity or offend!

>> Try to be unique, but do not be scared of being critical. Often a difference in opinion is seen as a refreshing change and people may be more willing to visit your site because of your honesty and different views.

>> Your comment should not be a lame one liner like 'Great site'. Most moderators reject such comments anyway as they are seen for what they are...Spam!

Now that you have some basic ground rules, where should you be posting your insightful comments?? For starters try these high-traffic blogs:

1. Copy Blogger
2. John Chow
3. ShoeMoney

These blogs receive thousands of unique visitors daily and posting quality comments on a regular basis with a link back to your blog will definitely bring you an increase in traffic.

While I haven't been commenting of high-traffic blogs for very long, I have noticed a significant increase in traffic in recent weeks.

You can also visit blogs that fall under the same category as your own. Posting comments on sites similar to your own will bring you traffic from people who are interesting in the same niche!

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6 Responses to “How to Increase your blog's traffic by commenting”

Technology at Hand said...
26 June 2007 at 09:01

I think I have to go to the blogs which has same niche as mine.. Ussually if I comment in high traffic blogs I become un notice.

I think one of all the best way is linking thru your post to the site with same niche and allows trackback,

Dizzy Dee said...
28 June 2007 at 09:13

Wow, impressive.

I also found that no matter how many traffic sites you're registered at, you still need to "get your hands dirty..."
Comments are a very valuable way of generating traffic. However, if you get traffic from high traffic blogs, make sure you make friends. This will ensure that you have people visiting your site on a regular basis.

High Strangeness Altoona said...
29 June 2007 at 06:34

I'll do a wee bit of that right now with this comment. I have to agree with the other folks though. If I comment on Christian Mommy Blogs for my Halloween site - well, I as you may guess I get nada. It's much better to make friends in my niche along with commenting everywhere else.

ron said...
03 July 2007 at 05:28

It's good to how others increase traffic. I'll try the high traffic blogs. Thanks for the tips. Other than that, I've joined sites in my niche, and the do follow which has helped some. Thanks

Eco shopper said...
27 July 2007 at 04:33

I love the no follow movement. But for now its mostly bloggers writing about blogging and internet marketing! But at least it makes us read each others blogs. I think most of us try to leave thoughtful comments.

Thanks for the best of list...


Cheap printing said...
13 July 2011 at 06:51

It is good to how others get more traffic. I'll try our prime traffic blogs. Just tips. Apart from that, I have became a member of sites during my niche, and also the do follow that has assisted some. Thanks

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