Friday, 29 June 2007

Common AdSense Misconceptions

Number 1
One of the most common misconceptions around AdSense is that more ads equal more money. This souldn't be further from the truth! Google AdSense has a feature known as Smart Pricing which sets the cost per click (CPC). Smart Pricing varies from site to siet and depends on various factors like domain age, page-rank, site relevance, page impressions and unique visitors.

Under performing ad units seriously damages your CPC. In short, pages with too may ads pay a lot less than pages with fewer. Furthermore, what liklehood is there of a visitor clicking one of your ads if you have them plastered in every available nook and cranny?? ZERO! People are not as ad oblivious as before and can see through a poorly created site with more ads than content!

Number 2
Many bloggers try to suck every possible cent out of their blog. There is nothing wrong in trying to generate revenue from your site, but how smart is it to place an AdSense Search Box on a new blog so new, it has yet to be crawled by Googlebots?

AdSense for Search is meant primarily for well crawled sites. I don't use AdSense for search because it drives traffic away from my blog and it pays too low.

Number 3
Another misconception floating around is that image Ads pay more than text ads. This is not normally the case! Even it it were, image ads receive far fewer clicks compared to text ads. Images are also more of an intrusion into your visitors surfing experience when compared with text ads. So there is little point in using it!

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Cynthia Blue said...
04 July 2007 at 23:19

I've been making some good money with AdSense on my website. It has fairly high traffic, more so than my blogs. It pays for my hosting costs. And I'm glad I could block all the ads to sell puppies!

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