Thursday, 21 June 2012

Restart Exchange 2010 Services - The easy way

Microsoft Exchange has a plethora of services that often need to be restarted due to troubleshooting or to resolve known issues. Manually restarting each service can be time consuming as can a full server reboot. Fortunately we have a simple script that restarts all Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 services quickly.

- Open Notepad on your Exchange server.

- Copy and paste the code below into Notepad.

@echo off
 REM ##Stop All Exchange services##Net stop MSExchangeADTopology REM ##Start All Exchange services##Net Start MSExchangeADTopologyNet Start MSExchangeABNet Start MSExchangeAntispamUpdateNet Start MSExchangeEdgeSyncNet Start MSExchangeFDSNet Start MSExchangeFBANet Start MSExchangeImap4Net Start MSExchangeISNet Start MSExchangeMailSubmissionNet Start MSExchangeMailboxAssistantsNet Start MSExchangeMailboxReplicationNet Start MSExchangeMonitoringNet Start MSExchangePop3Net Start MSExchangeProtectedServiceHostNet Start MSExchangeReplNet Start MSExchangeRPCNet Start MSExchangeSearchNet Start wsbexchangeNet Start MSExchangeServiceHostNet Start MSExchangeSANet Start MSExchangeThrottlingNet Start MSExchangeTransportNet Start MSExchangeTransportLogSearch

- Save the file as "Restart Exchange Services.bat" or any name of your choosing and save to your Desktop.

- Double-click the file to restart all Exchange services.

You can also download the batch file here

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