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Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

You will find below, the official shortcut keys to access some of the features in Windows 8. These are just some that I've discovered by playing around with the Windows 8 Developer preview. If you know of any that aren't in the list below then feel free to add them to the comments section so we can build a comprehensive list:

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key                                                    Jump between Start Metro Desktop and Previous App
ESC                                                                   Return to Previous App
Windows Key + Spacebar                                 Switches input language and keyboard layout
Windows Key + Y                                             Temporarily Peek at the Desktop
Windows Key + O                                             Locks device orientation
Windows Key + V                                             Cycle through toasts
Windows Key + Shift + V                                  Cycle through toasts in reverse order
Windows Key + Enter                                        Launches Narrator
Windows Key + PgUp                                       Move Tiles to the Left

Windows Key + PgDown                                   Move Tiles to the Right
Windows Key + Shift + .                                    Move Metro App Split Screen Left
Windows Key + .                                               Move Metro App Split Screen Right
Winodws Key + S                                              Open App Search
Windows Key + F                                              Open File Search
Windows Key + C                                             Open Charms Bar
Windows Key + I                                              Open Charms Settings
Windows Key + K                                             Opens Connect Charm
Windows Key + H                                             Open Share Charm
Windows Key + Q                                             Open Search Pane
Windows Key + W                                            Open Search Settings
Windows Key + Z                                             Open App Bar
Arrow Keys                                                       Select Metro Apps Left, Right, Up, Down
CTRL + Arrow Right                                          Move 1 Page Right on Metro UI Menu
CTRL + Arrow Left                                            Move 1 Page Left on Metro UI Menu
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Right                         Move Metro App Right
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Left                           Move Metro App Left
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Up                            Move Metro App Up
Arrow Key, ALT + Arrow Down                       Move Metro App Down
Windows Key + L                                              Lock Screen
Windows Key + E                                             Launch Windows Explorer on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + R                                             Launch Run Box on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + P                                             Projector Mode – Select Projector Output
Windows Key + U                                            Launches Ease of Access Center
Windows Key + T                                             Launches Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Icon Selection
Windows Key + X                                            Launches Windows Mobility Center on Classic Desktop
Windows Key + B                                            Launches Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Taskbar Icon Selection
Windows Key + M                                          Launches Classic Desktop with Arrow Key Desktop Icon Selection

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