Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Download Sysinternals Suite, updated version

Sysinternals (originally ntinternals) was created in 1996 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell to host their advanced system utilities and technical information for primarily Windows networking environments. Operated by Winternals Software LP, the tools proved so popular that Microsoft eventually purchased the company in 2006 and is now a Microsoft subsidiary. The popular tools can now be found on Microsoft Technet.

What’s new in this release:

Autoruns v11.1: This update to Autoruns adds several new autostart locations, reports the active filter in the status bar, and highlights unsigned images and those with no company name or description to make them easy to spot.
AccessChk v5.02: This AccessChk release includes improved error messages, reports registry key delete permission, and includes a manifest.
Coreinfo v3.02: This minor update to Coreinfo, a command-line tool that reports supported CPU features and topology, includes Microsoft’s SLAT term for Intel’s Extended Page Table and AMD’s Nested Paging virtualization features.
Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v11: Microsoft’s regular report on the state of malware covering January through June of 2011 is out and includes a primer by Mark on using the Sysinternals tools to identify and clean malware.


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