Wednesday, 29 December 2010

How to record Skype calls

Skype is a wonderful program. It lets you keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues and you can even make skype-to-skype phone calls for free. There may be times however when you might need to record a call. Skype, a blessing it may be, does not have the ability to do this. Thankfully we have freeware third-party software to do this.

Skype Call Recorder is a simple recording program which saves all your Skype conversations and conferences automatically. The interface is simple. Skype Call Recorder simply sits in the Windows taskbar and records conversations in MP3 format.

Skype Call Recorder Features:

100% free - no limits on the software
Automatic or manual recording
Conversations saved in MP3 files
Separate recordings of simultaneous calls
Seamless integration with Skype Conference recording
Simple interface

You do however require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Download Skype Call Recorder (1.4MB)

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