Thursday, 26 February 2009

Windows 7 shipping this Fall?

Microsoft could have Windows 7 on shipped with OEM PC's as early as September this year if the words of Taipei-based Compal Electronics president are to be believed. Compal builds systems on behalf of companies like Acer and HP. Ray Chen, president of Compal was quoted as saying, "according to current planning, Windows 7 should be on its machines by late September or early October 2009"

This contrasts somewhat with what Microsoft says. Armelia Argawal, spokeswoman for Microsoft, maintains the official company position that Windows 7 will be available within three years of when Vista shipped. This places Windows 7's release sometime in Mid 2010.

Windows 7 has proven itself stable in tests, Microsoft has been under immense pressure to release sometime in 2009 after most users hesitation to switch to Vista, preferring XP instead. Windows 7 improves both performance and interface elements and is explicitly designed to run more smoothly on netbook-level hardware.

We're not quite sure how the Compal chief secured these dates, but we recommend taking this news with a large spoon of salt!


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