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Four of the best Freeware PDF Writers for Windows XP/Vista/7

pdf forgePDFCreator is an open-source application written using VB. This freeware is very handy and it offers most of the features offered by other commercial tools.User can protect the document by setting passwords and disable printing options and can also be encrypted. Also has got options to merge multiple PDFs. This tool is free for commercial use too.

PDF4FreePDF4free is a free solution for creating PDF files from any Windows application. More precisely, it allows users to convert almost any kind of electronic document into PDF format.
Technically, PDF4free is a bundle of several software packages, coming from different sources:
  • SavePDF, that is the user interface for the whole thing.
  • RedMon, by GhostGum, that monitors a “virtual” port for printers and redirects the printouts to SavePDF.
  • GhostScript, by Aladdin/AFPL Software, that does the actual conversion in PDF.
  • The NSIS installer engine.
  • Some other small utility programs (UpdSpl, AskReeb), necessary for the correct installation and configuration of the package.
Installation and basic configuration for all of these pieces of software is performed automatically by PDF4free installer, so you shouldn’t concern about any detail if you are not interested.

doPDFIt is a free PDF converter for both personal and commercial use. Using doPDF you can create PDF files by selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files.
It installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To convert to PDF, you just have to print the document to doPDF, the free pdf converter. Open a document (with Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad or any other software), choose Print and select doPDF. It will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer.

4. PrimoPDF
PrimoPDFPrimoPDF comes in two flavours, one as free version and the other one as Professional. This tool is also handy and come with features like security, document merging after conversion and can convert documents into PDF from more than 300 file types.

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