Wednesday, 28 December 2011

How to Disable Office Upload Center 2010

The Upload Center is used whenever you save documents to SkyDrive and SharePoint. It manages uploading docs and synchronizing changes to them. If you never save/edit/share documents on SkyDrive or SharePoint then you won’t use this feature and can disable it.

The original question asked was how to disable the upload center using the OCT. That can’t be done. To disable the Office 2010 Upload Center you can run msconfig, click “Startup” and remove the check next to “Microsoft Office 2010” that references MSOSYNC.EXE”

You can also you can edit the registry to get rid of Upload Center. 

- Launch regedit
- Navigate to this key: 


- Delete the OfficeSyncProcess entry that points to the current location of MSOSYNC.EXE

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