Monday, 17 January 2011

Download Firefox 4 beta 9 out now!

Get it here folks!

- Download here -

In related news, Mozilla says the final version of Firefox 4 will be out by the end of February.

David Sicore, Mozilla's Director of Platform Engineering, told developers via a mailing list (which you can read here) that the final version of Firefox 4 should be ready to ship by the end of February, but not before another beta and a release candidate come out first.

Sicore mentioned that at the moment they have around "160 hard blockers remaining" and in the past it has usually "taken [them] six weeks to reach RC once [they] have 100 blockers left." That puts the typical first RC at the end of February. But Sicore was insistent, claiming they "must press hard now." In fact, his plan is to finish the RC by the beginning of February and to ship the final release by the end of the month.
Beta 9 fixes an amazing 787 bugs, and adds open tabs to the title bar when maximized.

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