Friday, 03 July 2009

How to prevent the use of USB drives in Windows

If for some reason you want to prevent the use of USB drives (memory sticks) on your Windows computer then follow the simple steps outlined below:

Note: You need to be logged on to Windows Administrative or a member of the Administrators group

- Cick Start > Run (This brings up the Run dialog box)

- In the command prompt window type regedit (This will open the registry editor)

- Navigate to the following key:


- Select the USBSTOR folder

- In the right hand window pane locate the Start DWORD [See pic below]

- Double-click Start and change its value to 4 [See pic below]

- Click OK

- Now close the registry editor and restart your computer

This will block all USB storage devices being detected by Windows. If you want to enable USB devices at a later date simple change the the string’s DWORD value back to 3

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