Monday, 16 April 2007

AVG Free Anti-virus 7.5

A lot of people who are online these days are surprisingly doing so without anti-virus software. More so, many don't realise the kind of threats they are exposing themselves to when going online unprotected. It is highly recommended that you at least install some kind of anti-virus sofware before going online.

The problem is that decent anti-virus software can cost a fair amount of money. Luckily for us, quality needn't cost us a cent. The internet is filled with all types of wonderful free things and anti-virus software is no exception.

Here's a great free anti-virus program:

AVG Free Anti-Virus

Don't be fooled by the word 'free' - AVG Free punches well above its weight class! It's an excellent piece of software that, if updated regularly, will keep your computer free of viruses. I personally use AVG on my computer and can happily say that I've never had a virus that AVG couldn't clean! It also doesn't hog resources like other anti-virus packages. Best off all is that updates to AVG are released almost daily. They too are 100% free!

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1 Responses to “AVG Free Anti-virus 7.5”

Donn Edwards said...
08 July 2007 at 23:55

AVG is good, and I like it, but it has missed some viruses in my experience. The only one that has never missed detecting a virus in my experience is NOD32, which isn't free but is affordable.

Like AVG it isn't bloatware, and won't cripple your machine.

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